Quality Thinking For The  4th Industrial Revolution

Quality Practitioners need to move into the roles of preparing for the 4th Industrial revolution and its various challenges. The conference will have lot of predictive presentations from specialists looking at the future. What will the quality practitioner of the future be doing? The conference deliberations will attempt to answer this question. 


 In addition, attendees will be provided with a basic course in ISO 45001 (Occupation Health & safety), which will provide new members to join as candidate OHS practitioners, and current quality practitioners can be partly recognized towards SHEQ practitioners management.

Our lineup of speakers for the 2019 Quality Conference

Single and group photos

Candidates that attended the 7th Annual Quality Conference 2019

Appreciation presentation to speakers at the 7th Annual Quality Conference

Networking at the SASQ 7th Annual Quality Conference 2019, during tea and lunch.

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